Different Kinds of Wall Clocks for You

When we speak of wall clocks, we may picture a certain image in our mind. It may be a typical wall clock that we often see in homes and business establishments. Yes, they all look the same. But did you know that there are actually different kinds of wall clocks? The existence of wall clocks started way back than we can imagine. And it is quite interesting to know about their differences as to their style, cost and period made.


You can learn more about it by reading on. There are different types of clocks and we might not even know the difference!

  • Pendulum Wall Clocks

This is different from other in terms of how it is operating, manufactured and appearance. These clocks work using a pendulum. Its consistency in swinging is what keeps track of the time. Today, these are now working with springs and batteries.

  • Musical Wall Clocks

This is great for the kids. This is the clocks that emit a tune after a certain period of time. The intervals of the tune can be manually set or adjusted. A famous example of this one is the cuckoo clock. Today, you can find a lot of battery operated musical clocks in the market.

  • Outdoor Wall Clocks

These are those that you’d see in public spaces like libraries, offices, hospitals, lifts and railway stations. These usually require minimal maintenance because they are weather resistant. These are made ready to endure different weather stresses.

  • Decorative Wall Clocks

These are popular among others because they go with different themes. These may include a color scheme, celebrities, cartoons and more. If you want to get one, you can check out Ohclock.com.au. Oh Clocks offers great products that are great for all types of occasions. To check out all their designs, go here

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